Check out these short tutorials on Foundation!

  • An Indian step is a toprock step you can do several different ways and in all kinds of directions. Here is a basic way to start that you can practice and elaborate on. 

  • A Salsa Back is another fundamental top rock step. This should have kind of a latin dance feel to it since its influence is Salsa, so twist your waist and get down!

  • Brooklyn Rock is essential to your toprock arsenal! This is meant to be done fast so watch, learn and most importantly, practice!

Floor Rock (Down Rock) Fundamentals

  • A Foot Swipe, also known as a Coffeegrinder, should be the first piece to your footwork puzzle. It's a basic move that you'll need to know in order to do other Floor Rock basics.

  • A Six Step is probably the first real Floor Rock you should master. It's basically one full circle taken in six steps. Many of the other Floor Rock steps are similar to this one, plus or minus a step or two.

  • A Seven Step is just like a Six Step except you are going to add a tap to it. In this tutorial, you will see how I step over my right leg and tap with my left foot to make my one full circle in seven steps.

  • Here you will see how the Five Step uses a foot swipe to create a glide in your floor rock. One circle, five steps! This is one of my favorites! 

  • A Four Step uses a foot swipe motion to flip over and change directions before repeating your steps. See how its done in this demonstration!

  • A Three Step is a versitile move that is easy to learn. There are several variations you can do once you master this. Practice doing this step to the beat of your favorite song!

  • A Two Step (aka Quick Step) is basically a combination of a foot swipe and a body swipe done close to the floor. This one looks great when you do it fast but it takes a lot of practice to master!

  • An Octopus (eight step) is a good step to combine with other footwork or tie into other moves. You will see in this demonstration how one circle is broken down into eight steps made up of quarter turns, alternating from your knees to your feet.

Essentials For Powermoves

In order to do moves like windmills, turtlespins, airchairs, chairflares ect, you first have to learn how to balance in a stab position. This is a basic way to stab and practice your balance.

For powermoves, BALANCE IS KEY! A headstand is the basis for many moves and here is an easy way to practice, by using a tripod.

By learning a kip up, you will learn the basis for rollbacks, coin drops, and low to high transitions in your powermove combos.


A backspin is one of the first moves you should learn in bboying. Here is a simple watch and learn how to.

The next step after a backspin is a windmill. There are dozens of variations you can do but here is a basic windmill breakdown.

A swipe is an easy to learn move that you can do in a lot of different ways. Watch and follow along!

Here is a basic way to learn a flare. This takes a lot of practice so don't give up and try until you get it! It takes conditioning and flexibility.